Entrepreneurship among migrants must be seen as a new arena for social, economic and political action. Young Migrant Entrepreneurs (YME) project will focus on delivering entrepreneurial skills-building support through Youth Workers and Immigration Case Workers:

  • * Reinforce links between youth work policy and migrant policy, research and practice;

  • * Promote better knowledge about the situation of young migrants and youth work and migrant policies;

  • * Recognition and validation of youth work and informal non-formal entrepreneurial learning at European, national, regional and local levels;

  • * Mentoring/Youth Worker schemes for young migrants and young migrant would-be entrepreneurs;

  • * Approaches to the assessment of entrepreneurial competences;

  • * Develops the competences of youth workers and youth trainers within the EU, young migrants represent an important pool of potential entrepreneurs, but can face, as other more vulnerable groups, specific legal, cultural and linguistic obstacles.



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